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Biomagnification and Bioaccumulation


The effects of DDT
Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification
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This figure shows the amount of energy thats is passed down the food chain. The trend is that less and less amount of energy is available as you move up the pyramid. The producers have most of the energy and less is passed down to higher trophic levels.

Pyramid of energy

This figure shows the pyramid of biomass. Biomass is calculated by the population, multiplied by the weight of an average individual. In this figure the bio mass of the producers is much larger than that of  primary, secondary and tertiary consumers. 

Pyramid of Biomass
The Pyramid of Numbers

The pyramid of numbers  shows the population of autotrophs, herbivores, and two levels of carnivores in 1 acre of grassland .  The Producers have the most population followed by priamry, secondary and tertiary consumers.